Kind Co. Favorites: Ivory Ella

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Saving the elephants may seem like a daunting and out-of-reach task, but Ivory Ella connects people to elephant conservation through the sales of apparel and accessory products. Buy a shirt. Or a water bottle. And work to protect the elephants all in one place.

What is it?

The majestic spirit of elephants, from intelligence to empathy and connection, is a reminder of the best qualities of nature. Ivory Ella is an organization that strives to protect and preserve elephants and their habitat by giving 10% of their profits to organizations dedicated to the conservation of elephants. A variety of apparel and accessories, such as sweatshirts, joggers, drinkware, bags and more are available to you, along with the opportunity to promote great change, one purchase at a time.

Why you’ll love it

Ivory Ella began as a response to the devastating effects of elephant poaching, which along with loss of habitat (link here) creates the dire state of elephants today. Between 2010 and 2012, 100,000 elephants took their last breath, cruelly poached for their ivory. But Ivory Ella chose to rise from a feeling of despair, calling on a sense of empathy and advocacy to revive the elephant community. And they lend a hand to each person, passionate about serving the elephants, through access to everyday items.

How it has made a difference

The collective passion of Ivory Ella resulted in donations amounting to $1.6 million for saving the elephants and other charitable organizations. And each time you wear or use an Ivory Ella item, you alert others to the plight of elephants and how they can take action.


Start Somewhere:

Ready to do your part and save the elephants, their habitat and the many benefits they provide to nature and wildlife? Join the Ivory Ella newsletter or shop the many items available through their online store.