Kind Campaign Wants to Help Girls Fight Bullying

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Kind Campaign is on the move to address girl-against-girl bullying and create a community of support, voice and healing.

What is it?

Founded in 2009, Kind Campaign is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing awareness and healing to girls affected by bullying. Through school assemblies and events, Kind Campaign ignites girls to defy the growing trend of girl-against-girl bullying and instead make kindness and compassion the default relational pattern. Founders, Lauren Paul and Molly Thompson, put their personal experiences and degrees in film and television production to work on the documentary, Finding Kindness, which is now part of Kind Campaign. The documentary, assemblies, curriculum, annual tours, Kind Camps and an online community interact as a multi-reach approach that spans the nation, as well as connects girls throughout the globe.  

Why you’ll love it

Can you picture a time in your childhood when you or someone else experienced bullying? Did you know how to handle the situation or how to speak up for yourself or someone in need? Or did you feel lost or isolated? Kind Campaign offers multiple connection points, inviting girls to share in the collective experience, promoting personal and societal change. Even better news? Kind Campaign increases accessibility through free access to curriculum!

How it has made a difference

Since 2010, Kind Campaign has held over 1,000 Kind Campaign Assemblies, reaching over 300,000 students. Kind Clubs are available in over 260 schools, and the global influence spans millions. And beyond the numbers, the content and experience is making a difference: “96% of girls surveyed were compelled to be kinder to girls after experiencing a Kind Campaign Assembly.”


Start Somewhere:

Real change is at your fingertips, from sending a Kind Card to starting a Kind Club. Are you ready to defy girl-against-girl bullying and spread kindness? The Kind Campaign has many ways for people to get involved, including: becoming a Kind Ambassador, starting a Kind Club, sharing your own personal story, sending a Kind Card or supporting the campaign through the Kind Store.