Kallie & Co. Offers Classic Style and Gives Back to Veterans


Kallie & Co. is leading an operation to give back to wounded veterans and disadvantaged women, all while on a mission to keep you looking stylish.

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up, throw on jeans and a tee, slip into some comfy flats and head out into the world knowing that your OOTD is supporting both veterans who have sacrificed so much to serve and women in need, all while providing fair labor to Mexican artisans? It sounds like a lot to tackle, but that’s just what’s happening at Kallie & Co., a not-just-for-profit company dedicated to providing trendy, cruelty-free and ethically produced shoes and apparel. With Kallie & Co. your style choices give back to those in need, so you never need to sacrifice style to lend a helping hand.

Kallie & Co.’s history starts from humble beginnings when Nadia Martinez, the company’s founder, started to fold together the pieces of her life in her home laundry room hoping that her life experiences and the things that matter to her could become a career she could be passionate about. What were these defining pieces of her life? Her childhood in the tiny Mexican village of Sinaloa, emigrating to the U.S. as a teen, and her 11+ years of marriage to a U.S. Marine. As she started to build her online retail business, these three pieces of her life would act as defining forces for her business.

In 2014, she was looking to create a career path for herself, but being a Marine Corps spouse meant that whatever career path she created, by design, it would have to have the ability to get-up-and-go when the call came. She also knew that she wanted to give back to her Mexican community and create fair labor opportunities for village artisans.

So, she started meeting artisans and sourcing products. She saw the beautiful craftsmanship that went into their goods and real market potential for high-quality, handcrafted vegan shoes made using the highest standards of fair labor and wage practices. But ideas and potential need a way to reach that market of buyers, so Martinez put together a crew of remote military spouses, like herself, as her core business team and took to social media to get her story out there. Through Facebook and Instagram, she started to promote and build her brand.

Harnessing the power of technology, she and her team use Messenger to communicate with one another and WhatsApp to cheaply and efficiently communicate with her 20 fair labor artisans in Mexico. As her company and product offering have grown, so has her social media efforts, with her branching out to use Shopify and Facebook Pixel Integration which allows her to reach customers through both direct access to her site and by selling directly through Facebook.

The effective use of technology throughout the company helps to keep overhead costs low,  allowing each sale made at Kallie & Co. to effect more help to causes that matter to Martinez. Equally as important as the success of her business and the quality of her products is her commitment to building philanthropy right into her business model.

A cause near-and-dear to her heart from before the inception of Kallie & Co., is the Semper Fi Fund, an organization that provides financial assistance and important programs for combat wounded and critically injured service members and their families throughout their hospitalization and recovery. Martinez’s young daughter, Allie, was the first to raise funds for the organization by selling bracelets. Now, she continues the good work by donating 100-percent of profits from every t-shirt sold at Kallie & Co.

But her positive impact on the world doesn’t stop there. Equally important to Martinez is helping disadvantaged women around the globe. A percentage of each purchase at Kallie & Co. also helps to donate shoes to women in need, both in the United States and across Africa.

Martinez has wholeheartedly embraced the concept of ‘not-just-for-profit’ with Kallie & Co. She feels it’s crucial that in addition to providing for and supporting your family, creating a business structure that allows you to generate additional resources for causes that work to create positive change is also necessary. And, she hopes that seeing businesses doing good for others will help impact a shift in the minds of consumers. The fast fashion trend has valued quantity and disposability over all else. Once consumers start to value high-quality, handcrafted products and see that their purchases can also have real impact on real lives, they’ll start to expect good things to come out of their stylish purchases.

At the end of the day, we’re all in this together.

Start Somewhere:

Help wounded veterans today through the purchase of a fun graphic tee or donate directly to the Semper Fi Fund. Browse the beautiful vegan shoes, handcrafted to bring style to your wardrobe and necessary funds to helpful causes. Follow along on Instagram to see the latest offerings at Kallie & Co.