Brew Advisors Building Inspired Companies for Greater Impact

The team at brew advisors is connecting changemakers to their internal inspiration, because they know that when you connect to your core, you connect to the world.


What do you do with an idea? It’s a question that any entrepreneur or established company must ask on a day-to-day basis. Sometimes to get great ideas from vision to real-life practice, you need thought leaders and inspiration strategists that can get the ball rolling. This is where brew advisors come in. Putting experienced eyes on a project, the team at brew advisors and their network of collaborators wants what’s at a company’s core to help connect them to the greater community in a way that has a real impact. They’re hard at work elevating inspirational ideas into actionable steps and progressive business practices.

So, how did brew advisors become inspired themselves? Over 25 years ago, the founding sisters, Emily Brew and Perrin Stewart, worked alongside one another for a short time and had the opportunity to practice their design and communications skills. From there, they went out on their own, one becoming involved in consumer brand marketing, for products and for social change, and the other diving into the non-profit sector as a communications advocate for community change at the grassroots level. This time period gave them a diverse and unique skill set that placed them in a prime position to help others realize their potential.

Originally, there was never an intent to start their own consulting company, but through their work with various other companies, they wanted to share what they had learned with others who were receptive to their ideas and make real and lasting change for the future.

“Business and organizations have lost their meaning and gotten so consumed by profit.,” says Shannon O’Malley, account manager and strategist for brew advisors. “In order for them to be truly successful, they have to exist for something bigger - something beyond profit. Our society is re-centering back to inspiration and purpose. Consumers and employees of this generation and the coming generations are skeptical of the corporate world and that sector has a huge part to play in making the world a better place.”

This sentiment is a primary reason for doing the good work they do. When companies become so massive, they often are not invested in the long-term outcomes of their practices and they slip into playing a role in the problems seen across the corporate sector. On the other side of the equation is brew advisors, a very small and very passionate company, toying with lofty goals and huge ambitions. Wanting to transform the standard practices of the corporate sector for good with limited resources is essentially an uphill battle of creating enough noise and distraction to get noticed so you can get the opportunity to make a difference.

They liken it to a mosquito in a board room filled with people. The mosquito is unavoidable. It’s disruptive. The task of brew advisors is to get the people in the room to essentially collaborate with the mosquito. Instead of brew advisors becoming a corporation themselves, they want to become partners and sway the way business is done through inspired movement, thought leadership and leveraging brands that want to operate in that unique space, so that once one corporation is brave enough to take the steps needed to transform their operations and become part of the solution, other companies will want to meet them in that space. Others will be inspired to do business in better ways and they can use the team as a sounding board of how they can accomplish similar goals.

In order to amplify their reach and share their strategies with companies large and small, Emily Brew is co-authoring a book titled Inspired, Inc., which will be released spring 2019,  that outlines a new operational framework and uses case studies to show how any company can use this framework to build a more inspired approach to the way they do business. Instead of stories of inspiration, her book is focusing on the ‘hows’ of consultancy. How do you operationalize new ideas? How can inspiration be brought to the core of the company? How can you implement tools to make transitions easier?

Brew furthers, “Our hope is that once the book is out, we can create tools that we can hand off to businesses and entrepreneurs, and that we can empower people to do this work themselves and tackle it head on in their own companies, big or small. We hope we can successfully scale this framework so that no matter the size of the company, everyone should be able to do this.”

The best and most public facing example of brew advisors consultancy is the work they did with The Life Story. Offering communications expertise to help their client reach a larger and more latent audience, the platform shares stories of women caught up in the Life - sex trafficking, sex work or prostitution. Through these captivating stories of women with lived experience, coupled with information, statistics, and connections to solutions, The Life Story takes a multi-dimensional approach to unpack the nuance of this issue, highlighting a women's trajectory with many on-ramps and few exits ramps.


brew advisors’ work with The NoVo Foundation, and in deep partnership with survivors to create The Life Story focused on the ways to best illuminate this inspiration. Leveraging the power of the women’s individual stories, they can expand their reach so that individuals working within systems that can see themselves in this change. It’s all about the inspiration that already existed at the core of the foundation, and laying a solid framework so that that inspiration is transformed into something meaningful and actionable.

Positive change is powerfully infectious. Once goals are defined and a clear understanding of what people care about is sussed out, the path forward unfolds itself. And finding this path is the work that the brew advisors team is passionate about.

Start Somewhere:

If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur looking to find your core inspiration, learn about the brew advisors team and get in touch to see how they can help you reach your goals. Check out their work with the NoVo Foundation, that’s working to empower girls and women while reshaping prevailing social norms. Take a moment to listen to the voices of The Life Story. And, most importantly, get inspired, get involved, and consider donating your talents to a non-profit that speaks to your core.