6 Inspirational People You Need to Follow in 2019

Image credit:  lewishowes.com

Image credit: lewishowes.com

Change makers care about the greater good and are relentless in their quest to bring about lasting change. Here are six people and organizations that are working every day to inspire others to be the change. If these individuals are not already on your radar for 2019, they should be.

Bill Drayton

The frontman of Ashoka, an organization cultivating change leaders, is one of the biggest changemakers, Bill Drayton. Bringing social entrepreneurship into the mainstream, he wants old and new businesses alike to embrace fluidity. Change comes on the heels of change, just as much as repetition reinforces repetition.  He has worked to identify four levels of social change: direct service, scaling up, pattern change, and framework change. While he appreciates entrepreneurs dedicating their work to social impact, he holds the most respect for those pushing framework change. For change to truly happen, the existing system needs major disruption, and perhaps, complete obliteration. In order to get this to happen, he devotes himself to his organization, financially assisting a community of fellows who are the ultimate changemakers. For both moral and practical purposes, change is the only way forward.

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Blake Mycoskie

The founder of TOMS, Blake Mycoskie, is also the founder of the popular One for One® business model, where each product purchased also helps a person in need. It was a simple concept born out of his travels in South America, and to date, TOMS Shoes has given in excess of 60 million pairs of shoes to children since 2006. Since the brand’s beginning, it was always important to create a sustainable for-profit business, but one that served a larger purpose. This vision led to that simple, yet revolutionary idea, and it became the central pillar of TOMS. Each and every purchase would fund the change he wanted to see in the world around him. As his product line has expanded, his business model remains the same, and now provides clean water, eyesight, and safe birthing services to disadvantaged communities around the world.

START SOMEWHERE: Buy a pair of TOMS for yourself or as a gift and know that someone in need is getting a pair of their own thanks to your purchase. See what’s happening at TOMS now with the Beyond One for One program.

Lewis Howes

A history of abuse and an overall feeling of worthlessness left Lewis Howes, founder of The School of Greatness Podcast, feeling purposeless and like he had nothing to contribute. After putting all this lonely energy into action, he became a pro athlete until suffering a career-ending injury. Instead of giving up, he decided to give it out, dedicating his life to teaching others how to pursue their passions and dreams. Through his popular podcast, videos, books, online courses, live events, and workshops, he is the ultimate mentor. He believes that adversity can be a motivator for everyone, and we all possess the power to develop our own mental strength, emotional intelligence and physical health. His purpose in life is helping you to find your purpose so that you realize that the life you want can be yours.

START SOMEWHERE: Listen to the latest episode of The School of Greatness Podcast and get inspired to make an impact. Learn how to bring greatness into your life today with tons of useful, practical tools in the academy.

Rachel Brathen

Co-founder of 109 World, Rachel Brathen, who is popularly known as Yoga Girl by her huge social media following is making change by bringing curated world travel experiences that raise awareness and support worldwide social initiatives focusing on eight areas, including empowering women, animal welfare, water and the environment. These transformative experiences help participants reconnect to their authentic self, create mindfulness and develop empathy. The insights that can be garnered through hands-on experience improve the lives of participants, their organizations and the greater world. Leveraging social media helps to launch global campaigns that reach and inspire millions of people to become the change.

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Prince Ea

A filmmaker, philosopher and Oprah Super Soul, Prince Ea, inspires change through thought-provoking content. With over 500 million views on Facebook and YouTube alone, his ideas on self-development, motivation, education and living your unique passion are touching a wide audience. He works to ignite people to change so that they can wake up and find out who they really are. Knowing that we are all on limited time, he makes and shares content for the masses to show that, “We are love, we are free, and we are one.”

START SOMEWHERE: Join Prince Ea’s community of 12 million strong on Facebook. See what he’s up to on Instagram, or listen to his words of advice on his YouTube channel.

B Lab 

B Lab is working to redefine the role of business throughout society by using B Corp. certification to use the power of business to address the greatest challenges of today. Every day they work to make companies be the best in the world and the best for the world, by holding them accountable for their actions and getting them to understand the perspectives of other stakeholders and build in protections for them through their business framework. The business community must be a part of the solution to worldwide problems including climate change and unequal distribution of wealth and resources. By holding businesses accountable for their actions they are helping to transform the economy and the world.

START SOMEWHERE: Meet the best of the best with the Best For The World Honorees for 2018. Learn more about the B Economy to build a better business or become a more informed consumer.