6 Clean Beauty Brands Your Face and Skin Will Love

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Your skin absorbs every product that you put on it, so make sure you’re using only the best products from companies that care as much about your health as they do about beauty and self-expression.

Beauty might be only skin deep, but health goes much deeper. With so many harmful chemicals in our environment and in conventional skin and beauty products, it is essential to become a conscious consumer and know just what you’re putting on your skin. Here are some beauty brands that care about how you look on the outside and how you feel on the inside. They’re all on a mission to provide high-quality products that are safe, natural and ethically-made. Featuring pure, earth-friendly ingredients, a commitment to cruelty-free products and sustainable packaging, these companies, two of which are certified B Corps, work to create beauty and achieve higher goals.


Wife, mom, and Founder & CEO of Beautycounter, Gregg Renfrew, didn’t realize just how unregulated the beauty and body care industry was in the U.S., and when she came to the realization, she vowed to make a change in the industry by delivering safer beauty products that everyone can use with confidence. In addition to being committed to rigorous testing, responsible sourcing and transparency, Beautycounter created ‘The Never List’ that includes 1,500 harmful or questionable chemicals that they strictly prohibit in their products. A certified B Corps, the company delivers skin care that is held to the highest standards of safety and is working to help educate everyone about the substandard industry-wide regulations.

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Juice Beauty

While pregnant with her first child at the age of 40, Karen Behnke, founder of Juice Beauty, realized that there were very few skincare products that were both healthy and delivered results. She set out on a mission to create organic, all-natural products that would perform as well as standard products on the market. After years of scientific research, she created products that used vitamin- and antioxidant-rich botanical juice as their base, rather than petroleum. By harnessing the power of nature, Juice Beauty products perform even better than the conventional stuff. And, on top of all that, the products meet rigorous U.S. organic regulations, ingredients are sourced as locally as possible, and products are packaged sustainably.

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Ilia Beauty

When her health-conscious mom told her to check out the ingredients of her favorite lip balm, Sasha Plasvic, Founder of Ilia Beauty, could not believe that something she used on the daily, was filled with less than the best. She took this as a challenge, determined to recreate her favorite lip balm to be natural, safe and effective. Each product created for her line seeks to find a balance and build confidence in what you choose to put on your skin. Understanding that not all natural things are good and not all synthetic things are bad, Ilia Beauty’s products find a balance between the two that amounts to unmatched performance and clean, from-scratch formulations packaged in beautiful, sustainable packaging.

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Born amongst the enchanted mountains of Taos, New Mexico, Krysia Boinis and Kristine Keheley created Vapour, a cosmetic line committed to excellent performance and environmental awareness. Combining knowledge of healing botanicals and masterfully artistic color blending, each of Vapour’s products is guided by their commitment to a top ten of sustainability, that includes recyclable packaging, organic production, mindfully managed forests and cruelty-free production. Using only the purest, active ingredients nature has to offer, each product is crafted to perform at the highest level.

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Alima Pure

A certified B Corps, Alima Pure is as focused on the performance of their products as they are about their mission to uphold higher values, including being a 100-percent carbon neutral company, giving back 1-percent of their profits to environmental sustainability, and using refillable containers to create as little waste as possible. Using a palette of inspiring shades and only the purest, natural ingredients, Alima Pure makeup offers a high-performance tool of self-expression backed by a company that is rooted in acting responsibly for the planet and our future.

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Bonus: The Detox Market

Here to educate green beauty newbies and beauty experts alike, The Detox Market team is a go-to resource to learn all about what’s available from small beauty brands. Curating with a passion, their team is always looking for new green beauty products made by companies that are as passionate as they are. All products that are sold at The Detox Market have been tested by the community and checked for purity so that none of the products contain any ingredients deemed unsafe or harmful. They are a great first resource when making the switch from conventional brands to brands that make your health a priority.

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