Netflix Series Captures Bond Between Dogs and Humans

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Have you ever wished for an entire series dedicated to dogs and the magical bonds they form? Netflix has released a new series that does just that. The series also focuses on the bigger picture of dogs bringing people together.

Have you ever been sucked into a black hole of dog videos? Well now there’s an entire Netflix series with one season devoted to the bond humans can have with their dogs. There are six episodes each focusing on a different dog and human bond. The series also focuses on the bigger picture of dogs bringing people together and creating happiness.

Oh, and don’t worry, there is the possibility of more seasons to come.

Glen Zipper and Amy Berg are the executive directors of the series and wanted to focus on the bond between humans and dogs, which is like no other bond. The series also shows how much dogs can help in times like these. Berg, previously nominated for an Academy Award, says, “We’re all searching for something that everyone can agree on and dogs are probably about as close to that as we get.”

Through the series you’ll see six different stories which all feature dogs and their humans and the special bond between them.

“What really intrigued us was the opportunity to tell the story of the bond between human beings and dogs,” Zipper said. What they focus on in each episode varies depending on the situation, but it always comes back to the bond between human and dog. Even in some of the worst situations, the dogs are the happiest they could be. In the second episode, Zeus is a dog that is stuck in Damascus while his owner is a refugee in Germany. The episode follows the journey to get Zeus to his owner in Germany, and it’s clear that Zeus could not be more loved by the people who his owner entrusted him with. It’s a rollercoaster of a ride but it’s worth the watch. [Spoiler alert: everything turns out amazing!]

The series, while focusing on the dogs, focuses on the bigger picture of what can bring us together. While there are only six episodes in this series, there are hopes for more. In an interview with Mashable, Zipper said, “Now that the world is going to be introduced to this series and these stories and these journeys, we have every expectation that people are going to start telling us their stories—and they’re going to be coming to us.”

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The Dogs Series is now streaming on Netflix and can be streamed or watched on all supported devices. For a sneak peek at the trailer, go here.