Kind Co. Favorites: Karun World

Karun World.jpg

What could be more innovative than turning old fishing nets and rotting tree wood into sunglasses? Using the same model but with recycled jeans! Karun World is an eyewear company that’s crafting sustainable frames and a brighter vision of tomorrow, making them an obvious choice as a Kind Co. favorite.

What is it?

Karun is an eyewear company as committed to changing the way business interacts with the world as they are to their stylish collections. Their four eyewear collections are manufactured from recycled fishing nets, recycled carbon fiber, reclaimed Patagonia wood, and now, their newest Clothing Collection, is crafted from recycled denim sourced from fashion-industry waste. They have replaced all need for virgin plastics with renewable, sustainable inputs. As a team, they focus as much on function and form as they do on their impact on local and global communities. Their team places values above profit, and are actively working to redefine the concept of success and prove that a different way of doing business is possible. 

Why you’ll love it

When you wear Karun eyewear, you know that you are being as conscious about your purchases as they are about becoming a part of the solution to wasteful manufacturing. With an understanding of the fact that nature is both the greatest teacher and inventor, Karun’s design focuses on clean, attractive lines inspired from nature and constructed from noble materials that look good, enhance the outdoor experience, and connect you to their deeper vision.

How it has made a difference

Karun is rooted in a greater understanding that human beings are fellow inhabitants of the world, not its rulers. This reframing of the role of humans in the world sets a course of action that cares about the inputs.

Instead of the traditional linear and extractive production process, Karun uses a circular and regenerative model, allowing them to reduce negative externalities.

By focusing on the use of recycled fishing nets in their eyewear, they are actively working to pull plastics from the sea and showing other businesses that they can be part of the solution. By using recycled denim, Karun is now taking on fast fashion, one of the three most polluting industries in the world. Every day their team shows that to have an entrepreneurial spirit and to build brands, you do not need to lose sight of your humanity.  


Start Somewhere:

The next time you are in the market for a new set of everyday frames or a new pair of sunglasses, buy a pair from Karun and contribute to a company committed to doing business that leaves a smaller footprint on the globe. Learn more about their intriguing process and their vision for a better tomorrow by watching them in action. Follow them on social media and Instagram to join #karunworld. To see some of Kind Co.’s other favorites, click here.