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What is Kind Co.? An online platform connecting kind-hearted people to brands that make a difference. Simply put, we’re your new favorite source of inspiration and positivity.

Welcome to Kind Co.! In a nutshell, the idea for Kind Co. came from a job rejection. I had been in the running for a position in Boulder, CO, that would support entrepreneurs who were doing life-changing mission work in the areas of say hunger, clean water, diseases, etc. It was such a unique company that, when I didn’t get the job, I wanted to know if there were others that existed. Plus, the mission work really stirred something within my soul and felt like the type of writing I was meant to do.

What I found was something that excited me down to my very core: there was an entire movement of companies that not only focused all efforts toward a mission, but they had an additional accountability built in. They are called Certified B Corps and Special Benefit Corporations. Some companies are one or the other and some companies are both, depending on the state their company is incorporated. Not only does the added classification increase the transparency of how these companies operate, but it guarantees that everything they do is tied to their mission. Even better than that? I couldn’t find an existing media company committed to telling the stories of these companies and the remarkable things they are doing around the world to help others. And just like that, Kind Co. was born.

Kind Co. exists to honor these mission-focused companies and startups by facilitating awareness, creating a single platform for collaboration and spotlighting those who work to empower our people and preserve our planet. 

You may be familiar with some of these companies: Patagonia, TOMS and The Honest Company are a few of the well-known names. But there are so many more that have just as compelling stories. Companies like Kinosol, a group of college students who created a solar-powered food dehydrator to improve developing countries where a high concentration of produce goes to waste and people go hungry. Honey Colony, an organization dedicated to saving bees from colony collapse disorder, which could have a huge impact on our future produce. Or Karun World, a company based in Chile that makes handcrafted wooden eyewear from native trees and recycled fishing nets. Or United by Blue, an apparel brand that removes one pound of trash from oceans and waterways for every product sold.

But the stories will not be limited to only B Corps or Special Benefit Corporations. I firmly believe that there are so many companies and people doing amazingly positive work and our mission is to uncover the stories and highlight their efforts. And in a day when news coverage is largely dominated by negativity, Kind Co. will be the bright spot of your everyday. If you’re looking for an uplifting company to support, Kind Co. has you covered. If you want to shop more responsibly, we’ll tell you where to go and you’ll feel good about where your money goes. If you are a millennial looking for the perfect job that values passion over a paycheck, you’ve come to the right place.

Our goal at Kind Co. is to become your go-to resource illustrating the positive work happening all around the world. Simply put, we are spreading the power of positivity, one kind company at a time.

So, have a look around and enjoy the stories. You’re in kind company here!

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