Kind Co. Favorites: Rose-Colored Roundup

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This email newsletter is chock full of good news and generosity: an outlet guaranteed to make you smile every week.


What is it?

Rose-Colored Roundup is a breath of fresh air to your inbox. This email newsletter, founded by Lisa Feierman, curates positive and uplifting stories of empowerment and progress and shares those nuggets week after week. There are good things happening all over the world and Rose-Colored Roundup finds them and sends a snapshot right to your inbox.   

Why you’ll love it

Negative media has a way of dominating our newsfeeds and everyone could use a break from that. While it’s tempting to go off grid and ignore all news, science has proven that people are more likely to take action as a result of reading positive, inspirational stories and solutions-based information. In a nutshell, a positive newsletter like Rose-Colored Roundup can encourage more people to make a difference.   

How it has made a difference

Small or large, impact is still impact. Since its launch in August 2017, Rose-Colored Roundup has inspired positivity in 27+ countries, achieved its first 1,000 subscribers in less than two weeks, has donated hundreds to charity and built a community of “rose buds” who commit to #SpreadTheRosiness each week. Plus, the newsletter displays a map each week so readers can see the pink colors spreading all over the world, a visual reminder that efforts to do good and encourage positivity are never futile.


Start Somewhere:

Sign up for the Rose-Colored Roundup here. You can also access an archive of every issue here, or start with the first one, Welcome to Rose-Colored. To see some of Kind Co.’s other favorites, click here.