2018 Do-Good Holiday Gifts for Men

Do-Good Holiday Gifts for Men

Is your favorite fella a strong and silent type who gets value from problem-solving and being a rock for others? Gift him a thoughtful item from organizations working to make the world a better place. Browse the 10 gift ideas for men below that do good and will make you (and him!) feel good. It’s a win-win for everyone!

The holidays are a season of giving, not only to friends and family, but also in a way that gives back to others who are in need. But, for many of us, the emphasis on the next big deal and buying just for the sake of buying can add unnecessary stress, in an already stressful season. Here at Kind Co. we want to help you infuse your gifts with something more. This gift guide highlights companies that offer amazing products that both bring joy and lend a helping hand.

Love Your Melon

From its simple origin in an entrepreneurship class, Zachary and Brian, the founders of Love Your Melon, had a simple goal: to put a hat on every child battling cancer in America today. Surpassing their original goal of 45,000 hats, they’ve now put over 147,000 American-made, 100-percent cotton beanies on the heads of kids with cancer. With 50-percent of the proceeds going directly to improving the therapeutic experience of the children and providing financial support to families when you shop their assortment of warm, comfy hats, sweaters, and cozy blankets, you help turn stories of pain into stories of strength and hope.

United by Blue

We’ve all heard about the huge problem of plastic trash in our oceans and waterways. Now it’s time to hear about those who are doing something about it! United by Blue is an apparel company that sells clothing and accessories for men, women and kids, as well as bags, camping gear and home goods. For every item purchased, they remove one pound of trash from our oceans. To date, United by Blue has removed over 1 million pounds of trash! Help them grow that impressive stat even more by gifting some cool graphic tees, amazing copper drinkware, or items for pets and homes.

Karun World

Karun is an eyewear company that is using their stylish collections to change the way business interacts with the world. Their four eyewear collections are manufactured from recycled fishing nets, recycled carbon fiber, reclaimed Patagonia wood, and now, their newest Clothing Collection is crafted from recycled denim sourced from fast-fashion waste. Their eyewear is thoughtfully crafted from renewable, sustainable inputs, with a focus on both function and form. With an understanding that nature is the best teacher and inventor, their design focuses on clean, attractive lines inspired by nature and constructed from noble materials that look good, while enhancing the outdoor experience. When you shop Karun’s beautiful eyewear for everyday wear, or sun and sport protection, you know you are a part of the solution to end wasteful manufacturing once and for all.

Generous Coffee

At Generous Coffee, every product is designed to create and multiply good in the world. A for-purpose business, they aim at investing 100-percent of their profits into amazing work done by various non-profit operations. Providing only the highest quality specialty coffee from Honduras and Guatemala, they believe that hard work and dedication should always be generously rewarded. When you buy Generous Coffee this season, you’re buying much more than a delicious brew. Money from your purchases goes to creating jobs for parents, feeding kids, improving education, and investing in a better tomorrow.


The LifeStraw journey began when the Carter Center approached parent company, Vestergaard, to design a cloth filter to remove Guinea worm larvae from tainted water sources. Twenty-four years later, LifeStraw and its designs have evolved to meet changing water purification and demand needs. Now, LifeStraw has developed new filters that remove virtually all microbiological contaminants from unclean water and they produce and distribute straw-like personal water filters, family purification units, portable units and large-scale purification units for institutional use in schools and health clinics. Help continue this valuable work by purchasing LifeStraw filtration water bottles, a perfect gift for those that like to trail hike and head off into the great outdoors. Each purchase ensures that a child receives safe drinking water for an entire school year.

This Bar Saves Lives

Started by four actors: Kristen Bell, Ryan Devlin, Todd Grinnell and Ravi Patel, This Bar Saves Lives is on a mission to put an end to global malnutrition. Affecting 1 of every 4 children, malnutrition is the leading cause of childhood death but is completely preventable. Created from food insecurity in conflict zones, diseases, natural disasters and gender inequalities, it’s time to make it a thing of the past. Proper nourishment plays a vital role in the wellbeing of communities. For every dollar spent on nutrition, there is a $30 return to a country's GDP. Start snacking on delicious and nutritious bars that are saving lives. With a primary focus on nourishing the children of Haiti and the countries that make up the Horn of Africa, when you stuff those stockings with these bars made of only the finest ingredients, you also help get nourishing plumpy nut into the kids who need it most.


There is almost an unbelievable amount of waste tires sitting idly in stockyards, illegal dumping sites, and waterways around the globe. Nearly impossible to decompose, these tires become breeding grounds for disease-carrying mosquitoes or are used as a cheap fuel source, both with harmful effects on human health. Indosole, a certified B Corp, became part of the solution by repurposing the tires into durable shoe soles. Helping to alleviate the tire pollution in Indonesia, Indosole is transforming old tires into high-quality and good looking sandals, sneakers and loafers. Shop shoes with soul and you will be helping to make a dent in dealing with tire waste around the world.

Klean Kanteen

The Cresswell family continues to run Klean Kanteen, a certified B Corp, on their founding principles and are constantly developing and expanding their line of durable stainless steel bottles and gear to replace toxic plastic and eliminate pollution caused by single-use containers. Their mission continues to be creating reusable products using inputs of only the highest quality. An early pioneer against the dangers of BPA, you can shop and gift Klean Kanteen products with the utmost confidence, knowing that they have always been focused on providing healthy alternatives to plastics and eliminating negative environmental consequences of plastic pollution. As a member of 1% For The Planet, you can also be assured that more than 1-percent of annual sales is donated to nonprofits dedicated to protecting the health of our planet.

Wholesome Culture

It’s possible to live mindfully and always stay aware of how your actions affect others. Wholesome Culture seeks to inspire people to choose a plant-based lifestyle. Thinking about what you wear, what you put in your mouth, and how you treat our planet, animals, and one another is a key first step. Check out the comfy apparel sporting uplifting ideas and fun graphics and know that anything you buy spreads valuable knowledge while also donating 15-percent to animal welfare and rescue shelters. Each purchase helps an animal in need and shows that a kinder world is a better world.

Good Good Good Newspaper

Rise up and fight against fear, hate and injustice by finding and showcasing the good around us, and becoming it ourselves. Good Good Good Newspaper, founded by Branden Harvey, is a printed publication that wants to find the helpers the world over and tell their stories. Learn valuable actionable steps and become a change maker. Give the gift of good news when you send a subscription or a collection of the past year’s papers. A positive take away from each issue is that there is no shortage of good news in the world - you just have to know where to look for it!