Spreading the power of positive work, one kind company at a time.

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Spreading the power of positivity, one kind moment at a time.


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The bleak reality of today is we live in a world where bullying (online or otherwise) runs rampant; where suicide and depression rates keep climbing; and where uncertainty, sadness and despair rules the news. The ways we communicate, treat each other and honor our individual talents need to evolve, but with so much media clogging our lives, it can be overwhelming to find the good in everyday noise. With so much at stake, we need to cut through the negativity and help to offer a clear path to a more positive future.

That’s where Kind Co. comes in. Do you think it’s possible for a company to exist with roots based in kindness? Not only is it possible but there are already thousands of companies around the world that ARE doing this. We’ll tell you about their efforts and ways you can infuse more kindness into your everyday lives. Kind Co. exists to honor mission-focused companies and people by facilitating awareness, creating a single platform for collaboration, and educating those who wish to empower our people and preserve our planet. We’re Kind Co. and we’re on a mission to help spread the power of positivity, one kind moment at a time.




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